Clover® Check Acceptance

Accept checks and ACH payments.

With a Merchant Cash Advance from First Data, you can use your future sales to grow your business today. With a single page application and minimal documentation, you can get the cash you need to fund almost any business need.

Benefits for Business

Clover Check Acceptance uses leading risk assessment technology and extensive consumer databases to minimize risk upon payment acceptance. And with multiple options like taking payments from your smartphone, website, or Clover® device, you can find the right check/ACH acceptance solution for your business.

  • Offer payment choice.

    Avoid missing out on sales by giving customers the option to pay by check/ACH.

  • Lower expenses.

    Enjoy lower processing costs than with most other payment types.

  • Reduce risk.

    Reduce risk with warranty service protection from bad check losses.

  • Improve cash flow.

    Get paid faster with approved checks paid within 2 banking days.

Key Components

  • Clover Check Acceptance In-person converts checks to electronic transactions at the point of sale
  • The Clover Check Acceptance app on Clover® enables you to accept checks electronically with ease and receive funds within 2 banking days
  • Clover Check Acceptance Online helps you expand your business and maximize online sales by enabling check/ACH payments online
  • Mobile Check Acceptance® enables clients to process checks electronically, virtually anywhere using their smartphone or tablet
  • Clover Check Acceptance Mobile enables clients to process checks electronically, virtually anywhere using their smartphone or tablet
  • All Clover Check Acceptance solutions offer a warranty that can eliminate fraud costs by having Clover Check Acceptance absorb bad check losses, so you don’t have to

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