First Data Solutions featuring Clover™

First Data Solutions featuring Clover™ give you everything you need to accept more payment types and make your business more efficient than ever.

Accept more types of payments

With three sleek, sophisticated payment acceptance devices to choose from, you can accept more payment types than ever. Whether it’s contactless, standard stripe cards, or EMV, First Data Solutions give you and your customers more convenience than ever.

Keep existing customers and find new ones — faster

There are multiple First Data Solutions configurations, and all of them include Perka Punchcard and Insightics Lite — free, powerful apps designed to help you attract and retain the most important part of your business — your customers. And when you’re ready to do even more, you can access more advanced versions of both Perka and Insightics through the App Market.

Do more of what you love

With state-of-the-art point of sale device options for every kind of business, end-to-end security for every transaction, and access to the largest — and growing — App Market around, First Data Solutions deliver it all.

Protect your business… and your customers

TransArmor protection is built into every First Data Solution. It’s everything you need to keep your business, reputation and customers safe. TransArmor starts protecting your business information from the moment you swipe your customer’s card, making it hard for hackers to steal sensitive information. Hardware and software monitoring alerts you of any potential breaches. And our liability waiver helps minimize your risk in the unlikely event of a breach.

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